• ShenZhen Factory best batteries for solar power storage 12v 100ah
  • ShenZhen Factory best batteries for solar power storage 12v 100ah
  • ShenZhen Factory best batteries for solar power storage 12v 100ah
  • ShenZhen Factory best batteries for solar power storage 12v 100ah
  • ShenZhen Factory best batteries for solar power storage 12v 100ah

ShenZhen Factory best batteries for solar power storage 12v 100ah

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Product description

ShenZhen Factory best batteries for solar power storage 12v 100ah

China factory High Capacity best solar battery storage 12.8V 300ah LiFePO4 battery Deep Cycle

ItemChina factory High Capacity best solar battery storage 12.8V 300ah LiFePO4 battery Deep Cycle

Long Cycle Life home solar battery storage LiFePO4 12V 100ah 500AH No Memory Effect for home power system

Cell Typelion battery cell and custom
Capacity100ah ~500Ah
Standard Charge MethodConstant current / constant voltage charge
Standard Charge Current0.2c~0.5c custom
Max Charge Current1c
Constant Discharge Current0.2c
Peak Discharge Current3c
Working Voltage14.6V--10V
Cycle Lifeabove 2000 times
  • 520*260*230mm configuration / customized per requirement

PCM/BMS ProtectionOver-charge, over-discharge, short circuit,over-temperature, etc/can be customized:Balance function, RS485, SOC, CAN port, or so on.

The Vglory best batteries for solar power storage are designed under critical the harsh and critical circumstances .our lithium battery can withstand deep discharge, wide temperature variations, mechanical and electrical abuses and always stand with excellent and reliable performance over a long period.

All best solar battery storage with the Stable BMS system protect well the battery all the time which ensure the perfect performance. 

The solar battery storage system is high reliability, lower cost , long lifespan and no pollution operation ,which are good replacing lead-acid batteries in a wide range of applications,  such as for energy power storage systems ,home solar battery storage, battery energy storage,

Advantages of Vglory Lithium battery :

Many advantages of our Lithium battery such as : long cycle life , Steady performance , wide temperature working range , widely applications , small in volume and light in weight , Safety , No memory effetcs ; etc

Compact size With light weight:

the best power-to-weight radio which only 1/2 size volume and 1/3 of lead acid battery weight



 Clean and green energy , Pollution-free, Doesn’t contain Mercury, No fire, No explosion, No leakage.


No memory effect:

Be charged & discharged at anytime as No memory effect and highly efficient charge and conveniently .


Powerful Performance:

Outstanding charge & Discharge properties and Storage Capacity ,with powerful output which maximize your electronic appliances performance


High Standard Quality



   Battery comprehensive Testing :

   A group of skilled and experienced QC staff take quality test 

   and appearance inspection of our best batteries for solar power storage .Test the charge and discharge function 

   of each battery pack .

Temperature & Humidity Test of single cell

Imitate the best solar battery storage (Under temperature (-20-150) and humidity (20%-98% R.H.)

Formation Test of  single cell

Capacity sort, charge, discharge and cycle life tests on single cell to ensure whole performances of single especially combined battery. 

Battery Pack test 

Capacity sort, charge, discharge and cycle life tests on battery pack to know the performance.    

Aging Testing

Speed up the battery internal electrolyte activity . Improve the battery’s cycle life and battery stability and consistency of the battery pack

 Transit Test

Imitate the real shipment condition to test the whole battery pack’s mechanical performance, as well as any accessories on the battery pack    

Widely Applications

 E-Mobility : e-bike, e-scooter, e-skateboard, e-motorcycle, e-tricycle/rickshaw, e-golf cart, e-forklift, e-tourist vehicle , cleanness car, tourist car(E-Tour Car),electric bus, electric wheelchairs, ETC .

Take Good care Lithium battery

1 . Charge the battery one time at least per two months.
2 . Do not directly solder the battery and pierce the battery with a nail or other sharp objects
3 . Do not disassemble the battery pack without technician’s guide.
4.  If long-term not in use , use battery charger to charge half full state ,
5 . Should be stored in clean, dry and ventilating place .
6 . Battery end of life should be immediately removed from the equipment, Please properly handle security of spent batteries ,
7 . Please use 0.5C current to charge up 60% capacity after the battery placed 3 months , storage in cool conditions without direct sun light on the packs or box
8 . In use or during storage , if found the battery has been high fever, leakage, odor, distortion and other anomalies, please immediately stop using and stay away from the battery .

9 . Do not transport or store the battery together with metal objects such as hairpins, necklaces, etc.

Company Information


Vglory battery company is professional in producing ,   researching & marketing in Lithium battery , with professional engineer team with more than 10years experiences ,

Our lithium battery widely apply for Electric bike , Electric Motorcycle , Medical Device , power tools , solar sytem and OEM service  ,All batteries are manufacturing stictly accordingly to ISO9001-2008 , equipped with advanced equipments and testing machine; contact us , our high quality and competitive price will supprised you . 


Thank you

Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Vglory or OEM
Model Number:
Battery type:
12v 500ah lithium ion battery
Product name:
home solar battery storage
Li-Ion cell
1 Year
Charge Current:
Discharge Current:
Charge Cut-off Voltage:
Discharge Cut-off Voltage:
best battery for solar system